COTT demonstration in Washington DC COTT demonstration in Washington DC COTT demonstration in Washington DC COTT demonstration in Washington DC COTT demonstration in Washington DC

Action = Life

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COTT is committed to working within the context of broad collaborative efforts and coalition building with a wide array of communities, agencies, organizations, and individuals who seek control individual over their own health care. A central theme of the COTT is the development and implementation of programmatic initiatives which illuminate an empowerment road map for the diverse communities impacted by HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases/disorders. We believe that health is a right and not a privilege and seek to create a world where the health and well being of all peoples replaces profit as the priority.

We do not solicit or accept donations from pharmaceutical companies.  This is to maintain our commitment to avoid conflicts of interest in our discussions and recommendations regarding the nation’s blood supply and the blood products manufactured from that source.

Rachel Warner Scholarship Program

COTT’s Rachel Warner Scholarship program will not be available for the foreseeable future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may create, and look forward to re-instating the program as soon as possible in future years.

COTT Announcements: Honoring Dave Cavenaugh

On Thursday February 28, 2013, the end of an era at the Committee of Ten Thousand occurred as National Government Relations Coordinator, friend, adviser and superb DC staff Dave Cavenaugh clocked his last day as the Government Relations Coordinator. After fifteen years of excellent, continuous service he had decided to step down. Dave has become an institution at COTT and his service over that entire time frame was nothing short of exemplary. For those of us at the inception of both, the final passage of Ricky Ray and the establishment of COTT as a long-term stakeholder in the federal regulatory structure for our nation’s blood supply, each would not have been possible without the contribution of Dave Cavanaugh. read more

Keep COTT Alive

From the beginning, COTT’s guiding philosophy has been, Action=Life. The perspective is ongoing as COTT moves into its third decade as a grass-roots advocacy, support and policy organization serving the hemophilia and larger bleeding disorders communities. read more



Historical Record, Vol. 8

This installment of the hemophilia “archive e-newsletter” is dedicated to the memory of Loras Goedken and the Goedken family. I’ve also included an attachment containing a scanned image of the COTT memorial brochure. Contained in the “archive” is a video tape of a program entitled “Ed Bradley Street Stories”, which aired on CBS in 1992. read more