COTT is committed to working within the context of broad collaborative efforts and coalition building with a wide array of communities, agencies, organizations, and individuals who seek control individual over their own health care. A central theme of the COTT is the development and implementation of programmatic initiatives which illuminate an empowerment road map for the diverse communities impacted by HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases/disorders. We believe that health is a right and not a privilege and seek to create a world where the health and well being of all peoples replaces profit as the priority.

COTT Presidency

The Committee of Ten Thousand would like to honor Corey Dubin with the title President Emeritus, for all of his years of service and dedication to the hemophilia community. Corey served with a passion and vigilance that has made the Committee of Ten Thousand what it is today. He will be missed greatly by many.

The Committee of Ten Thousand would also like to announce the appointment of Carl Weixler as our new President. We know Carl will serve with an equal passion, commitment and vigilance that is deserving of the Presidency of the Committee of Ten Thousand.

This board fully supports Carl in his leadership for the future mission of this organization.

Staff Changes

The Committee of Ten Thousand wishes to thank Jeff Moualim for his fine services as Treasurer for the last several years. We wish Jeff success as he moves on to other projects and commitments.

 "It keeps me going  and my family to know  that COTT  stands with me and our community" Chris T

Sometimes Less Is More

Today many pharmaceutical companies have or are getting into the business of manufacturing Factor product. While competition in the marketplace can be be good for pricing there is concern over how much is too much. With the apparent rise in inhibitors for recombinant especially among previously untreated youngsters with Hemophilia there is concern that this could exacerbate an already existing problem.



COTT Canary

Ryan White Day 2015

By Jeffrey Moualim

Sitting in front of my television set one night, I saw my reality on screen: A young man named Ryan White taking clotting factor for a bleed. Having never seen a movie showing someone with hemophilia having factor injected into his arm, just as I had done so many times... read more

There are newly developed treatments for Hepatitis-C that do not require courses of Ribavirin or Interferon to be co-administered. One of these medications, called Sovaldi, costs $1000 per pill. As expected some insurance providers are considering not covering these new life altering medications. If you are one of the patients that is having trouble getting your insurance provider to pay for your medications we would like to hear from you. 

Please contact us at or Tel (800) 488-2688    (202) 543 0988

We do not solicit or accept donations from pharmaceutical companies.  This is to maintain our commitment to avoid conflicts of interest in our discussions and recommendations regarding the nation’s blood supply and the blood products manufactured from that source.

Rachel Warner Scholarship Program

COTT's Rachel Warner Scholarship program will not be available for the foreseeable future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may create, and look forward to re-instating the program as soon as possible in future years.

Action = Life

From the beginning, COTT’s guiding philosophy has been, Action=Life. The perspective is ongoing as COTT moves into its third decade as a grass-roots advocacy, support and policy organization serving the hemophilia and larger bleeding disorders communities. read more