We have put together a list to help you learn more about; AIDS, Blood Products, Hemophilia, Blood Centers and more.

Plasma Protein Therapeutics Assocation (makers of Factor)

AIDS Information

Canadian AIDS Society

The Hemophilia Home of China

Association Francaise des Hemophiles

Deutsche Haemophilie Gesellschaft (DHG)

Deutsche Aids-Hilfe

Irish Haemophilia Society

Korea Hemophilia Association

Canadian Hemophilia Society

National Hemophilia Foundation

Hemophilia Federation of America

AIDS Action Committee (Boston)

AIDS Action Council (Washington)

Immune Deficiency Foundation

Alpha-1 Advocacy Alliance

FDA Blood Products Advisory Committee

FDA Mad Cow Advisory Committee

Hemophilia Information

Hepatitis C Information

Birchgrove (UK – hemophilia)

America’s Blood Centers

Recent Mad Cow News

National Minority AIDS Council

HHS Advisory Committee on Blood Safety & Availability