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Washington Update Washington Update is a bi-monthly primer on government related issues of importance to COTT's constituency. From health care legislation, to regulatory affairs to Administration policy for chronic diseases. A hands-on journal for grass roots health care advocacy in our Nation's capital.

COTT Canary COTT Canary tracks safety issues in our Nation's blood supply. It provides regular reporting, information and viewpoints from the grass roots end user communities. It is based on the historical practice of taking Canaries into the coalmines to gauge problems with breathable air. If the Canary passed out then it was time to evacuate the mine. Persons with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders are the canaries in the coalmine, the blood supply. If problems are present they will surface first in the hemophilia community.

COTT News COTT News is a range of information, reportage and viewpoints regarding issues and events of importance to grass roots health care advocacy and support. In COTT’s vision information is power and part of the empowered community equation. From Washington D.C. to State capitals to the HIH and the FDA, look to COTT for grass roots health care news.

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Treatment Updates Treatment Updates cover news, information and analysis about living with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and hemophilia and related problems associated with living with multiple life threatening diseases.

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