Historical Record, Vol. 4

The attachment for this installment from the "archive” includes a scan of two brochures. One is "Facts About Hemophilia", an NHF publication that provides information about Hemophilia and its treatment. The brochure is not dated, but I believe it to be from the late 1960s. The other pamphlet provides information on applying for state medical assistance in Pennsylvania, and is dated July, 1969.

The content of these pamphlets will be displayed on our webpage in their entirety when the page is developed. Meanwhile, there are a few noteworthy items that I'll include in this email.   The "Facts About Hemophilia" brochure contains, among other things, the following statements:

"...the hemophilic child is a normal boy with a normal boy's aptitudes and desires. But his activities must be circumscribed. Repeated hospitalization and inadequate schooling are the lot of many... Handicapped as he is, his choice of career is limited...As in all instances where a child is 'different', there are psychological differences to be overcome and important adjustments to be made..."

"Having a hemophilic child is an emotional and financial strain for families...The child must be watched day and night and is a source of constant anxiety...Hospitalization and ambulance services are costly; so are doctor bills, transfusions and such frequently needed requisites as braces, crutches, and wheel chairs."

"Local measures such as pressure, application of cold and the use of various hemostatics, can at times control bleeding, but the keystone for therapy in hemophilia remains fresh whole blood, fresh plasma, or its derivatives."

"During the past few years the active ingredient which is lacking in hemophilia has been isolated and has been made available in relatively purified form (italics are mine). Early administration of such products does much to prevent the crippling effects of joint hemorrhages that have plagued hemophiliacs in the past."

The state medical assistance brochure for residents of Pennsylvania includes infromation on the program as it existed in 1969. Needless to say, the financial eligibility requirements were quite different from what they look like today!

I hope these mailings will continue to prove interesting to members of the hemophilia community and that they will serve to enlighten younger members of our community on our history.   I've added quite a few names to the email list recently, so anyone who'd like to receive the initial mailings can contact me and I'll send them out.