Treatment and Care, Federal and NYS Advocacy Online

by Audrey Benenati

If you are a bleeder or loved one of a bleeder, please fan us on Facebook and participate in the online advocacy activities. It only takes a few minutes and your help is really needed.  You can do this anonymously if you wish. Please take a moment to suggest the page to friends too. Stay tuned for more later.

Bleeders and family/significant others only, please. Thanks for your help!

If you are unwilling to join Facebook, you can go directly to the first petition at the link below.  Please note that research has shown petitions with just signatures are ineffective.  Please make sure to use the comment box to add your own statements--that is very important.  Don't worry about being articulate.  Just speak from the heart.

This petition is about HTC care, thus my choice to post it in the HTC forum here.

Originally posted on 02/21/2010